Born 28th of October, 1982. Playing music since ’85 on brass instruments. Switched to bassguitar in 1996.


Studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory / Codarts with Pieter Douma, Eric Calmes, Jeroen Vierdag, Kris Goessens, Ben van den Dungen, Benjamin Herman among many others.

Graduated in 2008.


Toured all over the world with bands. Holland, China, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea and nearly everything in between.


Played with many great musicians; Benjamin Herman, Oghene Kologbo, Sean Bergin, Typhoon, Lilian Vieira, Anton Goudsmit, Wouter Scheuler, Pieter Derks, Hanneke Drenth, Eefje de Visser, to mention just some of them.


Worked with: 

  • Eefje de Visser

  • Most Unpleasant Men
  • Mdungu
  • and more..

Currently working with: 

  • Ebou Gaye Mada & Boka Halat

  • Het Universumpje
  • Rhinorino
  • and more..